Year Established: 2014

First Choice


First choice in electrician? It's gotta be Forever 24 Hour Electrician! We're everything your electrical wiring could need, and a bag of chips. You don't need to cut corners or make concessions here! We'll find what fits you best, whether it's residential electricians or commercial services. There's never any doubt you're getting a licensed electrician here. Call now!

Our Services

We provide our electrical installation service to those needing a helping hand with installation. No more worrying or DIY-ing your electric panel installation, light fixture installation, or outlet installation. In an emergency, we provide our 24 hour electrician. We can tackle electrical repair, a power restoration, and anything else to get you up and running again. Includes repairs such as wiring repair, light switch repair, or circuit breaker repair.

Business Hours

Every day, all day! 24 hour service.

Services Area

Offices based in Orange . We offer county-wide electrician service in Orange County.

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